One by One

One by one / told by Dani.
Seventy-two thousand tiles, bending and lifting for days, each a different shade of blue. Exhausted from morning till sundown, laying mosaics for our family swimming pool was a vision that was not my own.
Perseverance, detail, and collaboration fused to bring this vision to life.
My father, a creative soul with few boundaries, ignited this endeavor. The driving force of our family, he has generated countless ideas. I was part of every stark raving idea that crossed his mind during my childhood. From a resourceful hotel concept to a Colombian restaurant on our land, 20 minutes from the city.
The restaurant called for a lake, an island, and a swimming pool. So, my father hired a backhoe, dug a lake, and boxed a hole for the pool.
As a child, I don’t recall how long the pool remained that way. But we didn’t mind; my brother, cousins, and I enjoyed bathing in that little box of mud.
Over time, the pool took shape. It expanded with actual walls, a floor, and a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, its rough concrete finish caused scratches. This motivated my father to have mosaics laid at the bottom.
After having 45 square metres of mosaics laid, the first hurdle was encountered. The water pressure from the lake lifted up every single piece.
The long days of labour began.
First, we pumped and bucketed water to drain the pool. Then, we scratched off old grout and meticulously laid 72,000 mosaics, one by one. This time, we ensured we used the correct grout and left gaps for the water pressure to flow without lifting the mosaics.
Eventually, the pool was completed with perfectly aligned tiles. It no longer caused knee scratches when swimming close to the bottom. This experience solidified the importance of planning, researching, and sketching for a seamless project.
My father continues with impulsive grand ideas, while I adopt a more methodical, well-planned, and cautious approach. Working tirelessly on the pool taught us that it was more than just a construction project.
It unveiled a deep understanding of the possibilities that emerge when individuals converge, collaborate, and relentlessly pursue a shared purpose.
Pool image / Dani
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