Perfect blend of glamour and camping

Dani’s recent exploration of the term ‘glamping’ has ignited our curiosity, especially knowing her family’s involvement in a glamping venture in Colombia. As she delved into the concept, she uncovered its essence and benefits — a perfect blend of glamour and camping for nature enthusiasts seeking modern comforts without compromising on the beauty of the outdoors. It’s an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to traditional housing with minimal environmental impact.
Through her parents’ dedication, Loma de Piedra Glamping came to life with thoughtful space planning, lush foliage, and meticulously crafted tents by the town’s seamstress. Now, it welcomes individuals, couples, and friends to a haven of relaxation, connection, and grounding. Fauna and flora flourish in all directions, with birds nesting in trees, turtles, and even a small alligator on the lake.
With each passing day, Dani and our colleagues continue to learn and grow, embracing their uniqueness and expressing it through their designs. Their empathy and understanding play a pivotal role in sharing and realising our client’s vision. At the heart of it all, they strive to create a space that leaves a lasting impression, just as her parents have done with the magic of glamping at Loma de Piedra.
Photography courtesy of Dani