A place and process to be proud of

A design-build.
The public sees a completed commercial design job. Polished, ready to walk into, to enjoy (or critique). What they don’t see is the process.
Hours and hours and hours of thinking. Hours and hours and hours of sketching, designing, redesigning, and then compromising. Solving many problems, working together, pushing, pulling, frustrations, triumphs, and adhering to budget constraints and regulatory requirements. All while still maintaining integrity and attempting to push boundaries to have a compelling solution.
A design-build involves a multitude of professionals from various disciplines coming together to bring the vision to life. Architects, interior designers, building surveyors, engineers, builders, tradespeople, and consultants work in unison.
Every single junction, every single wall, every single piece of materiality, and every single regulation has been analysed and evaluated. It is tight. It is highly regulated. It is a place that needs to be compliant and safe to enter. It also needs to be a place that considers history, modernity and a place that has heart and soul. A place that functions ergonomically, acoustically, and most importantly, makes you feel at home.
It is a rewarding process and, at times, a frustrating one. But in the end, we have a space that we have all created. One that has character, one that is considerate of the surrounding precinct, one that celebrates the locals, and one that simply works.
The Waggon…a place and process we can all be proud of.