Meet Neda.

Meet Neda. Neda joins our team as an experienced Senior Designer, bringing a wealth of knowledge and 9 years in the industry. With a Master of Architecture, Neda is also preparing to complete her APE (Architectural Practice Examination).

Neda has worked as a Graduate Architect at BPSM Architects in Hobart, contributing to renowned projects; Royal Hobart Hospital, Pressing Matters Winery & Cellar Door, Salamanca Fresh, and multi-residential apartments.

Her work extends internationally, having lived and worked in Iran as an Architect, and being involved in large projects, high-rise buildings, conference halls, a pedestrian bridge, education, and a bus terminal for numerous engineering companies.

Her ability to solve problems, manage projects from start to finish, and her expertise in documentation and architectural software is of the highest level.

Exploring nature and capturing it on film is a favourite pastime. Neda is one of us, with meticulous detailing, grit and determination, a love of music, and most of all, she has a warmth and friendliness that’s simply impossible not to like!