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Check out The Tasmanian Tuxedo for their latest article. The story so far of Valentine interiors + design and of Jane, the driving force behind the name, the success and the hundreds of compelling interiors to date. We are honoured to be part of their unique take on the stories of everyday Tasmanians doing just a little bit more than the everyday.

Creativity runs in Jane Valentine’s blood. Growing up on the outskirts of Hobart in a quirky hexagonal home designed by her father, Jane warmly recalls the effect the family property had on her life. “That house had a really big influence on me without me even realizing it until much later in life. The hexagon is one of the most efficient shapes in nature and really minimizes wasted space. Although we didn’t have huge bedrooms, what we did have was very cleverly utilised.”
Jane graduated from the University of Tasmania with first class honours in graphic design before embarking on a twenty year journey of design in Hobart. She is now the driving force behind Valentine interiors + design – a contemporary Hobart studio serving both residential and commercial clients.
Jane speaks passionately about the skills required to create functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing spaces. “Interior design is so much more than what people imagine,” she says. “The stereotype is that it’s just about colours and placing a few cushions in the right spot, but the reality is so much more complex. It’s really about understanding human behavior in order to create functional spaces. Spatial planning – knowing how people will move throughout a space – is critical to success in this industry. Every job we do begins with function and behaviour, long before we consider aesthetics.”
It’s a careful balance of art and science. Step inside the world of one of Tassie’s most talented interior designers –…/81-interior…/
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