New Norfolk Rowing Club

“In order to find the set and create swing, everyone must work together to balance the boat and have exact timing. Your hands must be at exactly the right height as you slide up to the catch. Every oar has to drop into the water at the exact same time. Everyone needs to pull at equal pressure. All the blades need to come out of the water and release in unison. Any deviation disrupts the boat.” – Bruce Eckfeldt, Business Insider
A sense of place exists within the heart of the New Norfolk Rowing Club.
Our considered design reflects the techniques and discipline required through the sport of rowing. The angled handles of the trophy cabinet simulate the propulsion of oars, steering you in the direction of the memorabilia above. The grain in the cabinetry is a nod to the traditional craftsmanship of rowing vessels. Slim, vertical panels of veneer on the edge of the glass doors are strategically placed to signify the path of travel in a rowing course. The crew in the next lane are edging away, gathering momentum and working together in perfect unison.
Client / New Norfolk Rowing Club
Interior Design / Valentine interiors + design
Photography / Loic Le Guilly