Inspiring the next generation

Emilie from Guilford Young College and Abby from Woodbridge School joined us for our work experience program. A real world, hands on experience that encourages and inspires the students to consider a career in interior design.
The students joined our team on supplier visits to Featherston Interiors, Poytec and a site visit to our current Waggon & Horses Pub fit-out.
Sharing experiences and lessons we have learned can be the most valuable of all.

St Mary’s College talk at Elite Appliances

St Mary’s College students were treated to a morning of bathroom inspo and design insights at Elite Appliances.

Jane discussed the role of an interior designer in the industry, career opportunities and the way we use processes, design thinking and collaboration to achieve the fusion of form and function.

The Housing and Interior Design students explored the impressive historic building, checking out tapware, appliances, fixtures and fittings.

A fun and inspiring session, allowing students to embrace an industry that has passion, integrity, skill and the deep understanding of human behaviour within habitable spaces.

Work experience for Jaden

For Jaden, our most recent work experience student, a day at the Valentine Studio involved partaking in one of our intense team workshop sessions that involved developing and sharing a unique design concept in response to an object as simple as an orange. 

Jaden rose to the challenge, collectively reminding us of the importance of continually striving to learn more and the inherent value of sharing these experiences with aspiring designers to allow our industry to grow. 

A big thanks to Polytec Tasmania & Featherston Interiors for supporting these initiatives for the next generation of aspiring designers.