Short-listed for national IDEA awards 2021

This week was an exciting one for our team, being short-listed for the national Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), which celebrates the best of Australian interior and product design.

A single vision, to enmesh art and design into the client’s daily lives. A concept, larger than life and a place for reveries where moments are mused away.

Working with Simon Ancher for pieces that twist and turn. A torched table resembling a guitar plectrum, a spinal wall sculpture and a vertical blackwood leaf form, allowing light to dance through the central void.

Maria Gigney’s metal, grid-like architecture is at once unobtrusive and yet strong. Our interior pays tribute to her considered style, weaving, interlocking, and creating moments of pause. Black with rich, saturated ochre embracing the unicity of forms.

Natural light teems through the space, expanding the landscape while heightening the differing lines. Trust and desire are fused together in the most arresting way.

Interior design / Valentine Interiors
Photography / Anjie Blair



Simon Ancher Studio Visit

Visiting Simon Ancher’s studio in Launceston would be a guilty pleasure if it wasn’t so utterly beneficial to our clients, our projects, and our practice. There is nothing quite like a studio visit, being able to experience the incredible craftsmanship of Simon and also to be able to experience the tactile qualities of his workspace and work. We leave the studio drenched with the smell of freshly cut timbers, a deeper understanding of his processes, and with our brains spiralled awake, yearning for more, ready to create.
Simon’s authentic process and appetite for design make working with him a seamless experience. He shares his knowledge, invests in our projects, and complements our practice by allowing us to work with him to create truly compelling pieces.
We can’t think of a better way to spend our afternoon when passing through Launceston, a visit to the studio to reconnect and share the exciting projects we are working on, but most of all to be inspired.
Because sharing creativity and having conversations is what helps us and our work grow.

Naomi provides tips to graduating students

Our Naomi giving a talk to the interior design students at Foundry about life after graduating.
Naomi discussed her work in commercial event spaces, creating temporary installations, and preparing a folio to enter the interior design industry.
Naomi is a First Class Honours graduate from the RMIT Bachelor of Interior Design and had some fabulous tips and advice for the students.
Naomi spoke with confidence, engaging the students who are aspiring to be interior designers. Her thought-provoking folio was a perfect example to show as the students were preparing their own folios for assessment.

National short-listing in Designers Australia Awards 2021

We are thrilled to have been short-listed by The Design Institute of Australia for its inaugural Designers Australia 2021 Awards.
The awards bring together Australia’s broad design community to celebrate ethical, innovative, and impactful design thinking. We’re honoured to be amongst some of the best designers in the country.
Thanks to our incredible client at Clemens Hill, we are immensely proud of this project and our entire team.