Integrated design talk / Bentley Workspaces

A great discussion at Bentley Workspaces on having all the experts in the room at the beginning of a project. Thank you to Nicole and the team at Bentley for allowing Valentine Interiors & design to have the opportunity to be part of this.
Laura Callingham, architect from Studio ilk, Peter Ventieri, Director of In2Construction and Jane Valentine from Valentine Interiors & Design came together to chat about how engaging all the experts in the initial stage of a brief will ensure a truly integrated project and an exceptional client outcome.
Nicole from Bentley Workspaces summarised the talk following on from the day:
‘From learning about the different elements and thought process that goes into designing spaces through to the practicality and effectiveness of the build. There’s a level of collaboration and understanding that needs to happen for a project to succeed.
Some key takeaways:
1. Get the right people to the table right from the start.
2. Know your value and what you can offer and be transparent with communicating these.
3. Leverage off each other’s expertise and solve problems together, always.’
Images courtesy of Bentley Workspaces.

Inclusive and integrated design

Duncan Meerding, who is legally blind with less than 5% of his sight remaining, is best known for his exceptionally designed and built timber light pieces. Our site visit to his studio was not only an incredible opportunity to see first-hand the processes behind his practice, but also allowed a conversation about the ways we can better design for all.
In our studio, we are always expanding our knowledge and expertise to gain a deeper understanding of user experience.
We recently wrote an article on luminance contrast requirements in commercial projects and how it is crucial to understand these to design spaces that are not just compelling but that are inclusive for all that will use them. It was a privilege meeting Duncan Meerding and his team at their studio as a result of this piece, a conversation sparked from a mutual passion about inclusive and integrated design practices.