Antarctic Eye: The Visual Journey by Lynne Andrews documents over 200 years of Antarctic imagery ranging from the historical and botanical to the modernist and postmodern. Divided into three parts, To the Edge, The Heroic Era and The Contemporary Period, this lavish book features the work of over 50 artists.

The first images of Antarctica were not painted or drawn from observation—they were the wild ‘imaginings’ of a place unknown. Maps were made by the early scientific cartographers from a combination of the known and the imagined. With these beautiful ancient charts of Terra incognita the first polar explorers launched their small wooden ships and sailed off with great hope into unknown southern waters.

Awards: Tasmania Book Prizes 2009
Winner of University of Tasmania Prize for Best book by a Tasmanian publisher.

Eric Hoffer Award (USA) 2011
Winner’s list, Honorable Mention for Legacy Nonfiction.