Ronald Young Office Fit out

Ronald Young & Co Builders, a family-run business, provides a space where clients can feel engaged throughout the construction process of their homes. We wanted to honour this, inspired by the notion of a cocoon as a metaphor for home. The way they are constructed through an intricate process of weaving strands of silk influenced our design choices and the way material could weave, cross over, and envelope space much like the threads of a cocoon do.
We designed a reception desk, a result of a series of prototypes that found its unique expression through linear features inherently responsive to how silk strands make up the cocoon. We created moments, nooks, and subtle opportunities to welcome visitors into their office, a weaving and integration of the threads and materiality representational of the fine craftsmanship involved in the process of creating a home.
A successful project, measured through the mutual trust that was developed with the team at Ronald Young & Co. A trust that meant we could design a space that truly represents their values and processes, a space that is inherently theirs.
Client / Ronald Young & Co Builders
Interior Design / Valentine interiors + design
Architecture / BYA Architects
Photography / Loic Le Guilly