Valentine interiors + design is an award-winning design studio in Hobart. We focus on designing innovative interiors for residential and commercial spaces.

We understand people. We listen well. We love collaboration. These elements form the essence of every project.

Our briefing process is extensive to understand how a client moves and behaves within a space. This considered approach to spatial planning allows us to improve the flow throughout. A design journey follows, resulting in the striking fusion of aesthetics and function, with a surprise twist woven in.

Within our portfolio, the meticulous work extends to shopping centres, accommodation, office environments, fitness gyms, function centres, cafés, and homes. We understand that regulations are paramount, always ensuring we implement best design practice.

Most of all, we love what we do. Our aim with commercial is to challenge preconceived boundaries for an unexpected outcome. In residential, we strive to capture your personality, making a space uniquely yours.